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Monday, October 24, 2011

Maasai men in Kenya want an end to female genital mutilation

October 6, 2011
Federation of International Gynecology and Obstretics
David Smith

Some Kenyan Maasai men are trying to drive a gradual shift away from female genital mutilation in their community.

They have set up a church-based project in the town of Narok to help girls flee from the threat of circumcision, which could leave them with severe medical complications and can even result in death, the AFP has reported.

However, one of the managers of the centre Martin Ololoigero confessed that the practice is "not something that will end soon", as it still has strong supporters.

Indeed, some of the girls that escape to the Hope for the Maasai Girls shelter are disowned by their families, who have lost out on a dowry of cattle, which they could receive in return for offering circumcised daughters for marriage at a young age.

Female genital mutilation can be forced upon girls as young as nine while they are off on their school holidays, the news agency revealed.

UK GPs were recently urged by the chairman of the British Medical Association's Ethical Committee Dr Tony Callard to be aware of the signs that a female child has been circumcised and consider breaking patient-doctor confidentiality if a youngster appears to be at risk.

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