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Friday, June 19, 2009

Somali Community to Face Parliament over FGM

June 19, 2009 By Zacharia Tiberindwa, Ultimate Media The Parliamentary Committee on Equal Opportunities has summoned the leaders of the Somali community to face the committee next week to interact with the committee on the practice of Female Genital Mutilation amongst the Somali community in Uganda. This arises after the Woman MP for Kampala Nabilah Sempala complained to the committee that while it was concentrating on eliminating FGM amongst the tribes that practice it like the Sabins they were forgetting the Somali community that engages in the practice in Kampala. The Chairperson of the Committee, Hanifah Kawoya says the committee has invited the leaders of the Somali community such that they can get more information on the practice which information they will compile in their report on FGM. Kawoya says the impact of FGM on the victims is so alarming and needs immediate attention which can most effectively be done by enacting a law against the practice. She says for example in their recent visit to the communities that engage in this practice, the MPs realized that some women are deformed or even become disabled as a result of being forcefully circumcised. Kawoya says she is glad that yesterday the MP for Kikinzi West Chris Baryomunsi requested Parliament to allow him to move a private members bill on FGM. And her is the rest of it.