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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Uganda People News: Government Asked To Implement Anti-FMG Act

September 26, 2011
UG Pulse
Ultimate Media

The former members of Parliament have asked the government to implement the anti-Female Genital Mutilation Act to stop the practice which is reportedly still going on in some districts in eastern Uganda.

The remark was made by the chairperson of the former members of parliament, Jane Alisemera at the celebration of a peace day at Peace High School in Bukwo district, which has many students from the districts that practice FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

Alisemera says that a section of people in the districts of Kaphorwa , Bukwo and Pokot are going on with the practice without being  arrested despite of the existence of the anti Female Genital Mutilation law enacted in 2009.

The FGM Act states that anybody found in the act of FGM shall be sent to jail for 10 years and a subsection states that if someone who FMG is applied on dies during the act or due to the act, a life sentence shall be imposed.

Alisemera has asked the government to invest in the sensitization and education of the community practicing the FGM to abandon the practice because its dangerous to the girls’ lives and violates their rights.

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