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Monday, March 19, 2012

Kenya: Kisii NGO Vows to Stop FGM

March 16, 2012
Benson Nyagesiba,
Nairobi Star
A non-governmental organisation in Kisii will intensify campaigns against the outlawed FGM.

Stema Women Development Group is carrying out campaign to sensitise young girls to reject the practice and opt for alternative rites of passage. The organisation's chief programme officer Nyabuto Onyambu said there is need to strengthen the education of the girl child to enable her understand her rights.

Speaking to the press in his office Onyambu said outdated cultures like FGM are a violation of the rights of a girl child saying such practices must be eradicated from society at all costs. "We are not saying all cultures are bad, but what we want to eradicate FGM and embrace others rites of passage," he said.

He urged concerted effort by all stakeholders to curb the practice which is rampant in the area. He said the provincial administration and the police should arrest those found encouraging the practice. "The education of a girl child must be taken serious because it is through it that they will be fully aware of their rights and the health effects of undergoing through the practice," Onyambu added.

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